Fabulous Experience

Fabulous Experience

I just wanted to send a quick note about a few of your employees that we’ve had a fabulous experience with over the course of the year.

First – Jaber aka JJ, who was previously assigned to oversee our community with a few construction projects, did a fantastic job.  He was held in high regard with my residents as far as the work that was completed and was very good at communicating with our office. He was always pleasant and was patient with me when I need things explained.

Jacob, who heads our current projects, has been doing a stellar job as well.  He has been on top of all communications and does an incredible job especially with follow up. With as many projects as we can sometimes have going on at our community at one time, he has been a key factor to a projects completion.  He too, is very patient with me and this has been greatly appreciated as I am a new manager and am still learning.

James – who heads your gate department always seems to get property requests completed quicker than any other vendor we have used. He is always pleasant, courteous and I really want to stress how much of an asset he is to your company.

All three have gone above and beyond what is normally expected with general contractors.  They all exhibit excellent customer service and overall craftsmanship.  Thank you for all the service company has provided us and I look forward to working with your company in the future.

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