I will certainly highly recommended your company!


Yesterday my parents experienced trouble with their kitchen sink with regard to the plumbing. They had to shut off their main water valve due to a pretty substantial leak. Despite having a home warranty service in place that is supposed to handle emergency situations they were unable to obtain a plumber yesterday and all of this morning.  I took it upon myself to contact a plumber on behalf of my parents so that they can have water again! The first company that came to mind was DBK Inc. within 30 minutes Felix was on the phone with me and told me he would make it out to my parents home in Deltona within 1 hour to 1.5 hours. He actually made it before the hour and has already diagnosed the problem and is almost done! My parents are on their way to having their water restored. I cannot say enough about DBK and Felix. No one wants to see their parents in a situation like this, Felix assured me he would take care of them and he has gone above and beyond to do so. What an awesome guy with a fantastic attitude! Thank you I will certainly highly recommended your company!

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