Summer Camp F.A.Q.

Q: What does my child need to bring to a full day camp?
A: Lunch (lunch is NOT provided), indoor shoes, cleats, towel, shin guards, change of clothes in case it rains and water bottle please also apply sunscreen prior to camp).

Q: What does my child need to bring to a half day camp?
A: Snack, water bottle and cleats, (apply sunscreen prior to camp).

Q: What do the campers receive for free?
A: All campers receive a camp T-shirt and written evaluation from their coach.
A: After the deadline date you may not receive a camp shirt as we are not able to accommodate shirts orders for last minute sign ups.

Q: What other activities are provided at camp?
A: Outdoor soccer, indoor soccer (in air conditioned gym), speed training, soccer videos (in air conditioned room).

Q: What kind of experience do the coaches have?
A: All coaches are currently in college, college graduate, varsity players, high school Varsity/JV coach or holds an NSCAA Coaching Diploma or Youth Coaching License.

Q: We have a team that wants to train together. Is this possible?
A: Yes, send all registration forms/payments together with the team name on the registration forms and they will be grouped together.

Q: How are the children grouped at camp?
A: By age, NOT by gender or skill level.  After the first day we will are able to assess their skills to see if they are able to move up.

Q: How do I sign up for camp?
A: Either sign up on-line.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: Check, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or Money Orders.

Q: How is it confirmed that my child is registered for camp?
A: A camp confirmation is e-mailed once a registration form has been processed. (A confirmation will be mailed if an e-mail address is not provided).

Q: What is the camp refund policy?
A: A full refund will be issued only in a case of disabling injury certified by qualified physician. All other refunds will be the amount paid for camp, less a $100.00 .

Q: Will campers be able to fill their water bottles?
A: Campers receive frequent water breaks in a shaded area along with access to water fountains to refill water bottles.

Q: How often do the children get water breaks and out of the sun?
A: Breaks are taken roughly every 45 minutes.

Q: What if my child gets hurt at camp?
A: A coach will fill out an “Ouch report” (a copy is given to the parent at the end of the day) and a first aid kid is always on site for minor injuries: cuts, scrapes, bruises etc.

Q: What do you do in the event of rain or storms?
A: We continue to play in the rain unless we feel the field is unsafe. In the event of lightening or thunder we move campers indoor to a safe place and continue to monitor the weather prior to going back outside.

Q: What type of supervision is provided?
A: Each group will have a coach responsible for their campers along with a camp director.

Q: What If an emergency comes up while my child is at camp, who do I contact?
A: Lake Placid Region – Mike Navarra (518) 637-3887
A: Central Florida Region – Coach Kenny (407) 619-3600

Q: What is the length of camp for the tuition listed?
A: One week.

Q: Am I able to sign my child up for camp after the deadline date?
A: Yes, you must include the late charge fee of $25 to the tuition rate for your registration to be processed.

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