Extremely pleased with the service you and DBK employees have shown us

Just wanted to let you know that Bob and I are extremely pleased with the service you and DBK employees have shown us.
We had a problem with our ceiling in the lanai and couldn’t find anyone to help us.  I just happen to be shopping in the Hunter’s Creek area in Orlando, FL and went to eat at McDonald’s and was leaving when I saw the DBK truck and walked back into McDonald’s and went up to the two gentlemen and asked them about your company and if DBK could fix our problem.  They said yes!  I wish I would have gotten the names of your two employees, but maybe they know who they are.  Please thank them.
As soon as I got home, I called and schedule the appointment with you Jacob.  Need I say everything was handled immediately and we now have DBK people at our home finishing the job.
Because of the service we received from Jacob and DBK employees we have decided to have DBK remodel our master bathroom.  I’m sure we will receive the same service with this project.
Once everything is done we will be happy to get the news out in our community.  We live in a Senior community and we know of several people that want to do the same thing to their bathroom
Thanks for the GREAT SERVICE!
Bob and Linda Hrdlicka
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