Happy Earth Day From DBK!

Happy Earth Day From DBK!

DBK is happy to announce we are doing our part for Earth Day and beyond. We have been moving to a paperless work environment. In the past year we have taken under consideration the amount of paper that piles up between orders, schedules, reports and
work instructions.

We are moving in the right direction to eliminating all but the most necessary paper. This move will improve organization and raise employee morale. It will also significantly cut the cost of paper purchasing and disposal and ultimately result in a reduction in energy consumption.

Most importantly DBK Inc., is a family oriented environment that is thinking about ‘our’ next generation on Planet Earth.

Our proactive movement in our industry will:
• Increased Operational Flexibility
• Quicker Responsiveness
• Better Environment for Innovation
• Greater Efficiency and Productivity
• Better and Simpler Security & Compliance
• Reduced Paper and Associated Costs


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