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  • (386) 860-2050
  • info@godbk.com
  • Build Community

    Our Core Purpose is to Revitalize and Develop the Communities We Serve

    To provide, inspire and empower veterans, their families and to give a helping hand to those in need. Our foundation will strive to encourage higher education through scholarship programs, give a helping hand by fostering partnerships with various non profit organizations and build a sense of community by allowing volunteer opportunities for our events.

    The Kruid Charitable Foundation was started by, owners Damon and Danielle Kruid. Since DBK’s inception, the company has been involved in various worth while causes and sponsorships.  The next stage of transformation, was to start a foundation which will give back and assist in the many causes and ideology close to Damon and Danielle’s  hearts.


    Who Benefits:

    • Servant’s Heart Center
    • Baby DJ
    • Children’s Home of Florida
    • Relay for Life
    • Volusia County Schools