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About us


For more than 10 years, DBK has been the industry leader and expert in multifamily, commercial, and hospitality renovations and new construction, as well as delivering unparalleled service to the HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing sectors. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond constructing buildings and mechanical installations. It is a fiber of our company and a principle shared by our employees and vendor partnerships. At DBK, you should expect higher standards.


Multifamily, hospitality and commercial new construction and renovations

Commercial installation and maintenance of HVAC, electrical and plumbing

Our company DNA consists of four core values: people, process, product and partnerships. We empower our people with open dialogue and an engaging culture. We collaborate with our team, clients and vendors to deliver an innovative and streamlined process. With our diversely skilled and experienced team, we deliver high-quality products built to last. And, through our execution of clear communication and delivery of on-schedule projects, we develop sustainable partnerships.

DBK prides itself on delivering a unique client journey guided by these principles: honesty, integrity and commitment. Through this application, we have developed longevity and trust with our clients resulting in a very high rate of repeat business.

Our founder and CEO, Damon Kruid, and the rest of the DBK team follow this phrase with no exceptions, “We will always do the right thing!”