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We are DBK

As a national General Contracting leader, DBK Inc., excels in multifamily, commercial, and hospitality renovations. Our comprehensive Services Division include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and renovation services. DBK is committed to prompt responses and the delivery of quality services that cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients and their clients.

At DBK Inc., we are a collective powerhouse, fueled by the strength of our people and united in our commitment to delivering innovation in processes and services.

Our unwavering determination to foster a thriving team is the foundation upon which we consistently provide high-quality construction projects and services. This commitment extends to our ability to offer a diverse range of services, ensuring adaptability and culminating in the delivery of exceptional products and services.

DBK prioritizes employee development and satisfaction recognizing that our team is paramount to our success. DBK Inc, is also a Purple Heart Entity company. We are committed to giving back to those who served as well as being very involved with the communities we are established in.

Mission Statement

In fostering a positive workplace, DBK commits to empowering our employees to thrive and excel. Through transparent communication, recognition, and a dedication to professional growth, we aspire to serve our clients with unwavering innovation, integrity, and purpose, consistently exceeding expectations.

Our Core Values

DBK prides itself on delivering a unique client journey guided by these principles: honesty, integrity and commitment. Through this application, we have developed longevity and trust with our clients resulting in a very high rate of repeat business.

Proud Members of Industry Associations

We will always do the right thing!

Our founder and CEO, Damon Kruid, and the rest of the DBK follow this phrase with no exceptions.

Culture Community

Our Team

Building Excellence Together

At DBK, our diverse and dedicated team is committed to delivering professional services and the highest quality of work to our clients. We provide excellent client relations by constant communication, the precision and execution of our projects, management, services, and our mindset to “Always do the right thing”. This commitment is made possible by our practice of employing only the most diverse and qualified personnel.

Damon Kruid

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Hook

Chief Financial Officer

Jacob Lane

VP of Growth & Development

Brian Mahoney

Director of Construction

Steven Bussard

Service Director

Serybeth Monge Santiago

Director of People & Operations

Jamie Beck

Senior Account Executive

Hollie McCall

Sales & Marketing Manager